Little Girl Spreads Joy At Supermarket By Hugging And Waving To Shoppers.

Almost everyone loves babies. I don’t have one myself, but when I go shopping with my brother and his wife, their daughter is like a celebrity.

People stop and smile. They baby talk with her. They want to know everything about her. And some people even squeeze her cheeks (much to the annoyance of her parents). But as long as their baby isn’t screaming, she brightens the day of everyone around her.

But I can only imagine what it’s like to bring a toddler shopping. They’re just as cute as newborns, but they can interact with others much more easily—and they can also walk…

In the adorable video you’re about to see, a toddler named Joey walks around a grocery store and waves and offers hugs to the shoppers and staff. Her mom follows behind with a camera and catches the whole thing one tape. As you can imagine, she instantly puts a smile on everyone’s face that she meets. And watching this video put me in the best mood too, so I thought I’d share it here.

Check it out for yourself below and share it with your friends. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the joy that it will bring them!


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