Lonely elderly woman waits for a table at restaurant – suddenly an unknown man gets up and points

Four friends were out having lunch at a restaurant in Michigan, USA, last week.

They went to Mt. Clemens Grill, a popular spot, so it got crowded quickly. Groups of hungry diners started cueing outside, looking for a table.  

One of these people was an elderly woman who was standing alone in the cue — and looking for a table for one.

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The woman stood in cue alone among couples and groups of friends, who were excited about enjoying a meal together. But one young man noticed the elderly woman.

He noticed her asking for a table for one. That’s when he decided to do something. He got up from his table and started walking towards her.

Heather Leigh, sat at another table nearby and witnessed the incident.

Heather heard what the young man said to the lady when he approached her… and it made her heart melt.

© Facebook/Heather Leigh

Heather heard the young man tell the elderly woman that there were free seats at his table.

“I have three empty seats at my table, would you like to sit with me so you don’t have to wait?” she heard him say.

The woman agreed. As they approached his table, Heather noticed that he pulled out the chair next to him, not across from him, for her to sit down on.

Heather managed to capture the moment on camera, later sharing it to Facebook. The lovely story is now spreading all over the internet.

Heather explains in her Facebook post how the whole incident melted her and her friends’ hearts and how they kept looking at them from time to time.

“Periodically while we ate, we looked over to see them alternately sitting quietly and chatting with ease.”

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“With all the negative, hateful ridiculousness happening in our country, it was nice to see and be reminded that there are still good people out there among us,” Heather adds. 

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Heather is absolutely right, what a considerate gentleman! We need more people like him in the world.

Please help share this beautiful story as a reminder that every small gesture of kindness can make a big difference in someone else’s life!

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