Man notices how boy is sneaking looks at his cell phone – what the camera catches next has the internet boiling with love

People can surprise us in all manner of ways.

It’s often the small things in life that can be the difference between a good day and a bad one; the small things that are sometimes easy to miss. This is especially true in big bustling cities, where there’s so much going on that nice gestures and brief instances of kindness can be quickly forgotten. This particular story takes place in such a city, on the subway of New York, USA. A man boarded a train and sat down as usual with his cell phone out.

What would happen on this day, however, was different. It’s since been spreading like wildfire online, and the people of the internet are loving it.

Photo: Youtube

The clip in question has been widely distributed around the internet since its upload. A passenger sitting opposite decided to film the incident (it’s not clear why).

A man sits down after boarding a subway train. At first he doesn’t notice the curious boy beside him desperate to take a look at his screen. After all, the man had headphones in and was lost to his own bubble, as people so often are on public transport. It appears that he was playing a game on his cell; a game the boy was extremely interested in.

Photo: Youtube

After a time, the man instinctively turned to the boy, his eyes met by the child’s guilty glance.

Photo: Youtube

The man continued to play his game for a while longer, still unaware that the whole process was being filmed from the other side of the carriage. Yet the boy still watches intently, so after a while the man decides he has to do something.

He removes his headphone cord from the phone and gives it to the boy. The boy then starts to play the game himself.

It’s a tiny gesture from everyday life that seems small, but makes the kid’s day in a way that can only be appreciated by watching the video below:

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