Married couple shot dead at campsite days after telling friends man was “creeping them out”

A married couple was found dead at their campsite in Utah last week, mere days after telling friends a man had been “creeping them out”.

According to the New York Post, the bodies of 24-year-old Kylen Schulte and 38-year-old Crystal Turner were found in Utah’s La Sal Mountains last Wednesday after they had been reported missing the weekend before.

The pair, who had been shot to death, got married four months ago, and had been living out of a camper van.

When neither woman showed up for work for two consecutive days, a search was initiated. Tragically, a friend of the couple discovered one of their bodies before calling the authorities.

Deputies with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office then located the other body nearby.

As per reports, investigators are treating the deaths as homicides, though no suspect has yet been identified. A vigil for the women was held yesterday, where people gathered in rememberance.

Schulte’s aunt, Bridget Calvert, told Fox 13 that only days before their disappearances, the pair had complained to friends about a man behaving strangely near the campsite where they were staying.

“They said they were going to go move, they were going to go pack up and move their campsite — that he was still creeping them out,” Calvert said.

Whether or not the aforesaid man has a connection to the shootings is only a matter of speculation at this stage, though might well be an avenue the authorities decide to investigate.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of this couple. We can only hope the detectives find the person responsible.

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