Mean husband yells at his wife because she gives birth to baby in brand new car

Dr. Brian Snyder, an ER doctor, has seen his share of crazy incidents.

One involved a bleeding, pregnant woman sitting in a car outside the hospital. Surrounded by bystanders, the wife and husband were panicking with their unexpected situation.

Dr. Snyder knew that the woman, Andrea, would give birth any minute and there was no time to lose.

After a last straining – and a scary moment in which the baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck – Andrea was able to welcome her baby into the world. She gave birth in the car, before a stunned audience. Dr. Snyder wrapped the baby in a towel and placed it on the mother’s breast.

And then the father spoke…

Dr. Snyder thought he would faint after seeing all the blood, but instead he looked his wife straight in the eye and said; “Hun, this is our new car, the interior was special ordered, couldn’t you have waited 15 minutes?!”

Well, it was all Andrea needed before she punched him in the face.

So now, there were three people who required medical attention. Andrea, who just delivered a baby, her daughter, who needed a warmer location, and her husband, who was knocked down on the ground …

It can be difficult to believe this remarkable event, but the story is taken from reality, appearing in the Discovery Series “Untold Stories of ER”

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