Meet Agnes Who Just Turned 102, But Still Loves Her Job As A Teacher.

To celebrate 102 years on Earth is a privilege that many people do not get to experience. But then, Agnes Zhelesnik isn’t just any person. She is alert, happy, in good health – and still teaching at a local school. Read on for her heartwarming and truly wonderful story.

Over 20 years ago, although already 80-years-old, Agnes was eager to try something new. Armed with ambition and will despite her age, she began to teach at The Sundance School in North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Agnes, known as Granny to her students, has now celebrated her 102nd birthday and 20 years teaching at the school. And she continues to teach cooking, sewing and other useful skills to her young prodigies.

“You must enjoy what you are doing. What I like best about being a teacher here is to take care of the children. I have made aprons for the kids that they can use so that their clothes will stay clean, I made curtains for school plays and I have made costumes, many such. I enjoy it, especially to see them on stage in the things I have done, says “Granny” in an interview with, adding: “This is happiness for me,” Granny says, and “I don’t get tired when I’m happy.”

Her daughter, who is 72-years-old and also named Agnes, also teaches at the school. The two travel to and fro work together everyday.

102-year-old Agnes is a star among her students and school staff.

“‘Granny’ is a beam of light. There’s a gentle strength and warmth that emanates from her all the time, and we have this incredible opportunity to be in her presence and to be able to learn from her,” says school principal W.J. O’Reilly.

Despite her age, Agnes says she has no plans to retire just yet – in large part to her relative good health.

“He said my heart’s like a 40-year-old,” said Agnes, laughing, referring to her doctor.

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