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Miracle Baby Survives Horrible Car Crash. But The Parents Never Expected THIS From Their Friend.

Trent and Jessica Duncan were a beautiful young couple with a beautiful young 3-year-old daughter named Brooklynn… and a little baby boy they planned to name Aiden on the way. A near fatal car crash also saw their dreams nearly come crashing one day. While Brooklyn was thankfully unharmed, both her parents were in bad shape. Jessica experienced extreme trauma to her pelvic and hips and was subsequently forced to prematurely deliver baby Aiden. He was born at 24,1 weeks, weighing in at 1 pound 3 ounces, and at just 11.5 inches long. His chances of survival were low. Read on, as this story thankfully, gets better.  

Following the accident, a good friend of Trent’s, Jacob Colgan, heard of the horrifying news.

“A friend of mine sent me a text and all it said was, ‘Massive car wreck. Please pray for baby Aiden.’ And with this text was one of the pictures of the tiniest babies I’ve ever seen,” Jacob told LittleThings.

Jacob couldn’t just stand by though and really wanted to do something special for his friends. He happens to be a music producer, so he decided to do something amazing for his friends.

After witnessing their hardship, he was inspired to produce a beautiful song, which he hoped could help them through their very trying time. You can have a listen at this link below.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Miracle baby Aiden is doing just fine now 🙂 You can keep up with the now little boy’s adventures on his Facebook page.

Here he is a few months after his miraculous survival at birth.


And some time later:


And here is the video which includes Jacob’s moving song “Hold On” that he produced in order to inspire his friends to stay strong in their time of adversity.

Please forward this story of friendship and hope to anyone who could use it today!

Personally, I think what Jacob did for his friends is just so touching. Please like if you agree!