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Mom and baby were ”dead” – then come back to life in a miracle that shocks even doctors

On Christmas Eve 2009, Mike and Tracy Hermanstorfer from Colorado were gathered around the Christmas tree celebrating the holiday with their two sons.

But soon, the evening took a dramatic turn—and within a few hours, the family was at the hospital.

With great anticipation, they looked forward to a truly wonderful Christmas present: a baby boy.

Facebook / Tracy Hermanstorfer

At first, everything went according to plan. Tracy’s contractions were regular and all indications were that it would be a normal delivery.

Then, in an instant, the situation changed—Tracy went into cardiac arrest.

YouTube / J4yMo3

The hospital staff frantically tried to revive Tracy with CPR and a defibrillator.

A minute passed. Then another. And after four minutes, the doctors still hadn’t seen any signs of life from the mother.

Dr. Stephanie Martin, director of the maternity ward at Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, knew they had to act quickly.

“We call it a four-minute rule,” she told the AP. “I knew that if Tracy was not resuscitated by four to five minutes after her heart stopped, the baby’s chances for brain injury began to increase dramatically.”

Imgur / HawaiiansnSnakes

Doctors began preparing for an emergency caesarean section. And a few minutes later, Tracy’s baby boy, Coltyn, was born—but with a very weak pulse.

Tracy’s husband, Mike, thought he was going to lose both his wife and infant son. But after a few minutes, baby Coltyn’s face regained color, and soon the room was filled by a joyful sound: a baby screaming.


But that was only the beginning of this Christmas Eve miracle.

Shortly after Coltyn was delivered, something happened that shocked even the doctors: Out of nowhere, Tracy’s pulse returned.

She opened her eyes and started breathing on her own.

“We did a thorough evaluation and can’t find anything that explains why this happened,” said Dr. Stephanie Martin.

For Mike Hermanstorfer, it was a day he’ll never forget.

“My legs went out from underneath me. I had everything in the world taken from me, and in an hour and a half, I had everything given to me.”

YouTube / Associated Press

Tracy still gets scared when she thinks of what happened to her.

But the main thing is that the whole family returned from the hospital healthy and happy.

Tracy told the AP that one day she’d tell Coltyn all about the miraculous time when he came dramatically into this world.

“I’ll tell him everything… that he’s my miracle baby. That he had a tough time coming into this world, that he’s my miracle baby and he’s still here with us.”

Facebook / Tracy Hermanstorfer

They say that sometimes miracles happen as an expression of love. And in this particular is a perfect example of that.

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