Mom Believes The Baby’s Gender Is The Surprise. But When She Cuts The Cake, WOW!

In January 2016, mom-to-be Dinahleigh and her partner, Anthony, hosted a very special party. The event brought together the couple’s friends and family so they could be there the moment Dinahleigh and Anthony found out their baby’s gender. The idea was for the couple’s doctor to tell a local bakery the baby’s gender. The bakery would then bake a cake and color the inside of the cake blue or pink, depending on the baby’s gender. Finally, Dinahleigh and Anthony would cut the cake together and everyone would celebrate. But when the long-awaited moment came, the inside of the cake turned out to be even more surprising than Dinahleigh, in particular, ever could have imagined…  

When Dinahleigh and Anthony cut the cake, almost everyone was surprised to see that it was neither blue nor pink. That is except for Anthony. The dad-to-be smoothly reached into the cake and pulled out a small box. And when Anthony opened the box and knelt down, no one further explanation was needed… He was proposing!

As you can see in the video, Dinahleigh was visibly shocked. She never imagined that the party would actually turn out to be a public proposal.

See the emotional moment in the video below.

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