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Mom Creates A Human Shield With Her Body And Protects Her Son As They Fall 30 Feet.

Jennifer Duncan was driving her 8-month-old baby, Daniel, to day care when the unthinkable happened. It started when the mother and son got into a minor traffic accident on a bridge near their Waco, Texas home. Jennifer and Daniel exited their car to wait for help, and another vehicle stopped to shield them from traffic. And everything was fine until the worst happened and the car protecting the mother and son was rear-ended. Jennifer and Daniel were thrown off of the bridge and fell 30 feet to the street below. When emergency responders arrived, they were shocked to find something truly incredible—Daniel was unharmed. As Jennifer fell, she turned her body into a human shield and completely absorbed the impact from the fall. How amazing is that? Jennifer couldn’t have had more than a split second for her motherly instinct to kick in. The heroic mom survived the fall, but she has a fractured hip and had to have one leg amputated below the knee. “You know Jennifer is a remarkable young lady and that she was able to again, whether by instinct or conscious decision, totally forgo her own safety to protect that baby is remarkable,” said her attorney Jonathan Stark. Incredible! Watch a local news channel’s coverage of the story below.

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