Mom finds little door behind 2-year-old’s dresser, opens it and gets shock of her life

A few years ago, Sarah, Steve, and their then 2-year-old son moved into a new home in California.

Sarah looked forward to moving in and took tons of pictures of the house before she and Steve bought it.

But she had missed something in what would become her son’s bedroom.

Inside the room was a small door, which she obviously needed to investigate further.

Sarah opened the door, which led to something unexpected (not to mention scary) — and thus began a new project that would take two years to complete.

Sarah Goer is a mom who loves to craft. She quilts, scrapbooks, decorates, and is generally interested in interior design.

Sarah makes these awesome quilts by hand.

She started blogging about her projects as a fun way of cataloging and displaying her work.

Crafting and decorating seem like they’re in the family’s DNA — and Sarah’s son loves to help!

When Sarah and Steve bought their new house, they soon noticed a small door in their 2-year-old son’s room.

Of course, the parents were curious about what was behind the door. So they opened it and made an unpleasant discovery.

The small space was decorated with rotten linoleum flooring, old wood paneling, and exposed insulation. Who knows exactly what happened here?

Because of the room’s odd shape and size, Sarah and Steve realized it would be difficult to transform the room into a functional part of their new home.

So they kept the room hidden behind their son’s dresser and never told him about the secret space.

Then, after a year in their new house, Sarah and Steve decided it was finally time to do something with the little room.

Instead of knocking down the wall to expand in their son’s room, Sarah and Steve had something better in mind.

The “secret space,” as the parents called it, was completed before their son’s 4th birthday.

They worked on the room secretly while their son was in school.

Steve gutted the room and installed new interior walls, put in wooden floors, and fixed the insulation. He gave it a new coat of paint that he knew the son would love.

At the same time, Sarah worked on the interior.

Soon the room was ready.

On their son’s birthday, they gave him clues that led him to the secret room. When he finally arrived at his dresser, Mom and Dad helped him push it aside.

Of course, their son was surprised and excited to see his room. What kid wouldn’t like a secret place to hang out in?

Now, their son has his very own place to play and relax in his “treasure room.”

Sarah and Steve gave their 4-year-old son a gift that he’ll enjoy his for entire childhood. What wonderful parents!

No wonder thousands of people are fascinated and inspired by this secret space!

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