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Mom gives birth to twins – then discovers that her babies are unique

Every time a baby is born, it’s a miracle, one that marks the beginning of that magical journey called life.

But the mother in this story didn’t just bring one little miracle into the world. She brought two.

And when she first saw her twin daughters, the new mom was stunned. Because neither one looked like the other.

Whitney’s doctor had joyful news for her and her husband, Thomas. Instead of carrying one baby, Whitney was going to have twins—girls!

Image Source: Facebook / Whitney Mayer

When it finally came time for the twins to come into the world, Whitney delivered them without a hitch.

But there was one thing that stuck out when Whitney and Thomas saw their little girls for the first time…

Image Source: Facebook / Whitney Mayer

The twins, Kalani and Jarani, didn’t look quite the same. Kalani had lighter skin from mom, Whitney, while Jarani had darker skins from dad, Thomas. The staff at the maternity ward couldn’t believe their eyes. The chance that twins are born with different skin tones is minuscule—truly one in a million.

“At first when they were born, I wanted to believe it but it’s so rare I didn’t think it’d happen to my twins! But sure enough, they’re biracial twins,” Whitney told KHQA News.

Image Source: Facebook / Whitney Mayer

The rare phenomenon happens when two sperm fertilize two different eggs and the genes that determine their skin color are different.

Whitney and Thomas have shared some amazing pictures of their family, and their twins, Kalani and Jarani, are two of the prettiest little girls I’ve seen.

Image Source: Facebook / Whitney Mayer

What a beautiful family! This is certainly a sign that life is absolutely wonderful. Just when you least expect it, life delivers the loveliest, most unexpected surprises.

Image Source: Facebook / Whitney Meyer

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