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Mom Gives Her Daughter Amazing Braids Every Morning Before School.

Shelley Gifford from Melbourne, Australia has always loved braiding. But up until a couple of years ago, she only knew how to French and Dutch braid—and she had no idea that other styles of braiding even existed.

But that all changed in April 2014 when Gifford discovered the world of braiding on social media. She writes on Bored Panda: “I found accounts that were solely set up to show hairstyles that mums had created on their daughters. I loved what I saw and it was then that I started my own Facebook and Instagram accounts braiding.”

The discovery inspired Gifford to braid her daughter Grace’s hair before school every morning. And Gifford is a natural. For almost two years, she’s been turning out amazing new styles every day.

See Gifford’s braiding below.

Growing up, Shelly Gifford loved braiding, but she never had the chance to fully develop her talents.

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Now, thanks to her daughter, Grace, and discovering other braiders online, Gifford has been creating amazing braids almost daily since April 2014.

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She braids Grace’s hair most mornings before school and posts the pictures to Facebook and Instagram.

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But mornings are busy in the Gifford household, and Gifford sometimes has to wait until the weekend for her next braiding creation.

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She’s been styling Grace’s hair since she was a toddler, so braiding has been a natural extension of that.

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Grace loves the braids too and enjoys the time she spends with her mother while getting her hair done.

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With braids as amazing as these, Grace turns heads wherever she goes.

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And people even approach the mother-daughter duo in the street to commend Grace on her braids.

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Gifford continually experiments and has already posted more than 750 styles to her Instagram page!

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Follow Gifford on Facebook and Instagram to see more braids!

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