Mom is declared dead during childbirth – then leans over and whispers into hubby’s ear

Doug and Melanie Pritchard looked forward to starting a family. The couple was expecting a daughter, and the pregnancy had gone well. But when the time came for Melanie to give birth, the unthinkable happened.

Once she got to the maternity ward, Melanie told a doctor that something felt wrong. She felt dizzy and nauseous. The medical team did what they could to figure out what was wrong, but couldn’t see any problems with her organs. Everything was falling apart quickly. Melanie’s vital signs plummeted and all of the monitors and screens in the room started beeping. Melanie stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest.

Melanie had a rare childbirth emergency called amniotic fluid embolism. Amniotic fluid, fetal cells, hair, and other debris entered her bloodstream, triggering an allergic reaction that threatened Melanie’s life.

The doctors managed to deliver Melanie’s baby via cesarean section, but Melanie herself didn’t make it. She was declared clinically dead, and family members were asked to say a final farewell to their beloved mother, wife, and daughter.

But 24 hours later, something happened that shocked everyone.

Doug and Melanie Pritchard had been happily married for three years when they were about to welcome a baby into their family. Everything went well during Melanie’s pregnancy…

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But while Melanie was giving birth, she took a drastic turn for the worst. Melanie had amniotic fluid embolism and stopped breathing. Although her doctors rushed her to the operating room, Melanie was lifeless.

Her heart stopped beating and she was declared clinically dead. The doctors said that Melanie would need a heart or lung transplant and that even if she survived, she would probably have neurological problems for the rest of her life. They managed to revive Melanie and get her a heart, but the situation looked bleak.

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“My wife was clinically dead when they delivered my daughter,” her husband, Doug, said. “My first thought was, ‘I’m a widower.'”

The doctors asked Doug to say goodbye to his wife. It was then he leaned over his wife and bid her farewell.

“If you have any fight left in you, then fight!” he whispered to Melanie.

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And it seems that those small words somehow gave Melanie the strength she needed. Nearly 24 hours after Melanie had gone into a coma, she opened her eyes again. Doug showed her a photo of their daughter, Gabriella, who had survived a caesarean section against all odds while Melanie was fighting for her life. And the happiness that the couple must have felt can hardly be described.

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A few hours after waking up, Melanie was able to breathe on her own. Contrary to what doctors had thought about her needing organ transplants, she fared well even without any medication. Within a week, she miraculously returned home to her family.

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“Her recovery’s a miracle. Her survival was a miracle,” says Doug.

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Isn’t it a miracle that Melanie survived? I want to thank all the medical staff who did their utmost to save this nice mom from saying goodbye too early in life. Good work!

Please share if you think miracles happen to those who believe in them! I wish this fine family all the best in life!


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