Mom is thrilled to see her 6-year-old perform – until his teacher pulls the mic from his hands

Watching your child take part in the school play is a beautiful thing. And even if their performance is less than divine, they’re still your little angel.

But when a teacher rips that opportunity away from your little one, you can’t help but feel torn apart. Which is exactly how Amanda felt when her autistic son was robbed of his chance to express himself onstage.

When your kindergarten student is participating in the school play, it’s a moment that would make every parent proud.

So when her 6-year-old autistic son, Caleb, was set to take part in his school’s Thanksgiving play, Amanda was over the moon. But her initial excitement would soon turn into something else.

Image Source: YouTube / Inside Edition

Caleb had been looking forward to performing with his class. During the performance, he stood onstage and joined the chorus, and when the kids lined up to say a few words to the audience at the end of the play, Caleb was last in line.

But before Caleb could say anything, the teacher snatched the microphone away from him.

Image Source: YouTube / Inside Edition

Caleb, who was dressed as a turkey for the play, shouted “oh, no” and began to cry. Several parents in the audience were angered by the incident, and Amanda says that her heart was shattered.

“What would it have hurt to give him a few extra seconds to say ‘gobble, gobble.'” she said with tears in her eyes.

Image Source: YouTube / Inside Edition

The school’s superintendent said that the boy had already said his lines. But he acknowledges that maybe the school should have acted differently.

Amanda posted the video on her Facebook page and other parents quickly joined her in expressing their outrage.

It hurts my heart to read this. Caleb seems like a fantastic boy with a lot of energy who definitely deserved a few seconds in the spotlight.

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