Mom just wanted to bathe her baby – then she was faced with a terrible discovery

Mom just wanted to bathe her baby – then she was faced with a terrible discovery

When you leave your child at preschool, you naturally expect that your little one is in safe hands.

So you can imagine the feeling when your son or daughter comes home from preschool with large red wounds all over their back.

This is the terrible discovery one mother made — even though the staff at the preschool where her son goes made it sound like nothing special had happened during that day.

When Jannica picked up her 1 1/2-year-old son at his preschool in Sweden on Tuesday August 29, everything seemed fine. The staff greeted her and they had nothing special to tell her. But what Jannica didn’t know then was that something horrible was waiting for her when she returned home with her son.

In a Facebook post that has been shared thousands of times, Jannica tells what happened.

“Picked up our little boy at preschool as usual — greeted his teacher and then we left. Meet and greet, etc. with three teachers on our way out. Nothing special. An ordinary day. After he finished his food, it was so time for a bath. I’ll just say this — it was the worst bath I’ve had to give my whole life,” Jannica writes.

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When Jannica looked closer at her son’s back, she froze.

“First of all, I couldn’t get his shirt off. It was a bit stuck. As I cautiously pulled it off, my heart started to break,” she writes. “There were least 15 bite marks and half of those were open wounds. So the child who bit our son must have bit him hard enough to make him bleed.”

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This wasn’t the first time Jannica’s little boy had been injured at his preschool.

Just a week earlier, he fell and got hurt while his teacher was about to put him down on the floor.

“He couldn’t find his balance before she let go of him. So he had to have two teeth removed. I had to stay home with him several days. He couldn’t eat and had to be given pain killers to get through the day and sleep at night,” Jannica writes on Facebook.


Jannica can’t understand how the staff failed to tell her about this right away.

“How the hell can you forget to tell us about this and how the hell is it possible our child had 15 bite marks? He must have been lying on the floor crying his eyes out while that kid had him on the ground. Where the hell were all the teachers??? Just the very thought makes my eyes tear up— to imagine your child in that position struggling and crying.”

Now, the family is asking for help and support in this difficult situation.

“Any type of advice on what we should do next is much appreciated and would help us and our son,” Jannica concludes.

It’s hard to believe how the staff missed this.

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