Mom just wanted to make her son happy – the pictures show the terrible results

Paola, 38, is the mother of four wonderful children. But she is also a victim of domestic violence.

Now shocking images of the abuse she suffered are spreading like wildfire on social media and her story is serving as a warning to others.

Just like any other mom, Paola Lola Mascambruni enjoyed life with her children. But in 2009, the single mom met someone and her life changed.

She met a man named Rodrigo Eduardo Picolini at work. She instantly fell in love and moved in with him. In addition to their children from previous relationships, the couple found out that they’d also be having a child of their own together.

But life soon took another turn for Paola.

When Paola was in her second month of pregnacy, Rodrigo lost his temper and threw a glass in her face. Then a few days later, he bit her cheek while they were at a shopping mall.

Still, Paola forgave him—until a third incident occurred and Paola threw him out.

The two didn’t meet again until it was time for their baby to be born. Rodrigo came to the hospital to attend the birth of their son Valentino, but he couldn’t control himself and was thrown out.

Later, Paola met another man, but that relationship ended.

At the same time, she didn’t want Valentino to grow up without a daddy. So she contacted Rodrigo again.

This was at the end of 2015, and Rodrigo seemed like a changed man.

He apologized countless times and did everything he could to get another chance.

Paola and Rodrigo agreed to live in different apartments and share custody of Valentino. Every weekend, the boy would spend time with his dad.

But that arrangement didn’t last long.

The second weekend, there was a knock on Paola’s door. It was Valentino.

He had run home crying to his mother. It turned out that Rodrigo had hit him.

Paola called Rodrigo and he threatened to kill her.

Despite all the previous threats and physical violence, Paola had never gone to the police to report him.

But now she decided it was time to file a police report.

A few months later, Rodrigo was involved in a motorcycle accident. Once again, he turned to his ex-girlfriend and asked for another chance. Paola listened, and in March this year they met again. Rodrigo was dressed to impress, but when Paola didn’t give him any compliments or praise, he snapped.

“He locked the doors. He undressed me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and broke a window with my back. He hit me with kicks and punches all over my body, tried to strangle me. The softest thing he said to me was ‘whore.’ I asked him to calm down. I would say, ‘Rodrigo, please, you’re going to kill me.’ And he would say yes, of course, that he was going to kill me,” Paola told Hefty.

The beating lasted for two hours and Paola did everything she could to escape.

She shouted for help, but no one heard her.

Eventually, Paola managed to get out through the backyard. She called for help, but no one dared to intervene.

The horror finally ended when someone called the police and Paola was taken to the hospital.

Paola was lucky to survive the brutal beating. It turned out that she suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose, loose teeth, and bruises across her whole body.

Rodrigo was sent to prison for domestic violence.

Every time, Rodrigo promised to change, but he never did. Paola kept forgiving him and it almpst cost her her life.

Now her story is spreading around the world. And she hopes it serves as a warning to others.

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Domestic violence is never acceptable—and if you suspect that someone you know is being abused, don’t hesitate to contact the police. Please share Paola’s story with your friends to bring attention to this important issue.

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