Mom leaves baby alone with teenager – minutes later she gets strange picture that leaves her speechless

Every mother wants to spend every waking hour with their baby, but anyone who’s had a child knows how good it is to get peace from time to time. Sometimes parents need a break; sometimes they need something to take their mind off things for a short time. When they do this, though, it means leaving their baby in the hands of another. In instances like that, there’s no safer place than the hands of another family member.

One day, when Claudia Sorhaindo had to leave her house, she opted for that approach. She entrusted care of her young daughter, Ava, to her 15-year-old niece, J’Ann.

Not long after she’d left, however, J’Ann sent Claudia a photo while she was watching Ava – a photo that’s since gone viral on the net.


Claudia Sorhaindo and her daughter Ava live in Florida. Like all mothers, from time to time Claudia has to leave the house to attend matters. On certain occasions, she can’t take Ava with her, and so leaves her behind with a reliable guardian, 15-year-old niece J’Ann.

One day, when J’Ann was taking care of Ava, Claudia received a message. No sooner had she seen the picture attached to it, did she struggle to contain her laughter.

J’Ann had decided she was hungry and wanted to make a sandwich. The only problem was that she didn’t want to let Ava out of her sight. In the end, she decided to do something both inventive and hysterically funny. She stuffed Ava into her pants – then sent a photo of the unimpressed baby to Claudia.

Claudia, who herself found the picture hilarious, decided to share the image on Facebook. The result was that J’Ann’s photo went viral, and with good reason. Cute, right?

So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava. A few min later I received a…

Posted by Claudia Sorhaindo on Friday, 27 January 2017

Good for J’Ann! She didn’t want to let Ava out of her sight for a second, but also knows how to have a little tongue-in-cheek fun. Cousins really are the best … Share if you agree.