Mom lets 2 pedophiles assault her son to teach parents the dangers of social media

Mom lets 2 pedophiles assault her son to teach parents the dangers of social media

Most parents teach their children not to go anywhere with strangers. And most kids probably understand that getting in a car with a “creepy old man” is dangerous.

But pedophiles don’t always look like they do in public safety videos. Now that many children use social media, it has become easier for pedophiles to make contact with them. All they have to do is pretend to be a young boy or girl and start chatting.

Because of this, we need to teach our children to beware of all online contacts, because you never know who’s hiding behind the screen on the other side.

The parents in the video below have taken drastic measures to show their kids the dangers of meeting strangers from the internet. Hopefully, their video will help prevent something like this from happening again.

Coby Persin is known on YouTube for social experiments that he films with hidden cameras. But for this video, Coby has gotten serious.

Parents of three boys agreed to let Coby chat online with their sons and pretend to be a young girl. Coby, or “Amanda” as he calls himself in the experiment, chats with them for a few days and finally asks if they want to meet. The boys agree to it.

One of the boys goes to the address that Amanda gave them and rings the doorbell. Anyone could have lived there—a pedophile or a murderer.

One of the other boys gives Amanda their address so that her “father” can pick him up. Without hesitation, the boy jumps into a white van waiting outside the house. There, he’s “assaulted” by two masked men.

All three boys are surprised when they realize that “Amanda” is actually a man, and that their parents are waiting for them.

This video is scary, even though the boys are never actually in danger. Unfortunately, something like this could happen in real life. There are many “Amandas” out there on the web looking to meet young girls and boys.

We need to teach our children to NEVER agree to meet with the people they meet online if they don’t know for certain who it is that they’re meeting.

Watch the video here:

Please share this video with other parents as a reminder of what can happen if a child meets the wrong person online.

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