Mom loses custody of her kids - for doing something that many parents do

Mom loses custody of her kids – for doing something that many parents do

If you’re a new mother, letting your newborn out of your sight even for a few seconds is probably difficult. So going for a few hours away from your baby and letting him or her sleep in the next room might be out of the question.

But sometimes it’s good to listen to the advice of others about this, which a young mother from England tragically found out too late.

The mother let her two sons, both under the age of four, sleep in bed with her. But when social workers found bruises on one of the boys and asked her to stop, the mom wouldn’t listen—and it meant losing custody of them.

Many parents let their young children sleep with them in bed. But unfortunately, it entails risks that should be taken seriously.

A mother from Peterborough, England let her two young sons sleep in bed with her every night. But when social workers asked her to stop, she wouldn’t listen. The social workers had discovered bruises on the younger boy, and although the injuries were probably the result of an accident, the social workers tried to discourage the mother from letting the boys sleep in her bed.

As more people became worried about the boys, the social workers were instructed to keep supervise and support the family. A look through the younger boy’s medical records revealed a broken wrist when he was just months old.

The judge assigned to case agreed that the mother loved her children dearly and wouldn’t harm them deliberately. But even still, he ruled that letting the boys sleep with in the same bed as her amounted to abuse.

Worried about the children’s safety, the judge recommended that the boys be put up for adoption. This case is still in the courts, and is drawing strong reactions from many people, as it turns out that 80 percent of parents let young children sleep with them in bed, writes Twentytwowords.

It’s common for parents to let their babies sleep with them in bed without being aware of the associated risks. Please share this info and let others know about the dangers of letting their young children sleep next to them in bed.

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