Mom poses in front of camera with giant belly, when she turns around she sees she’s been fooled

Anyone who’s ever been a wife or a mother might agree that two of the most magical moments in life are when you find out you’re pregnant or asked to marry someone. 

Now imagine being asked to marry someone while you are pregnant. I can only imagine the feeling of love and euphoria one must feel in that position.

That’s what happened to this woman just a few days before she was due to deliver her baby.

Everyone needs to read this beautiful story.

Jazzy and Rich were expecting their second child and were just days away from the delivery date. The family had decided however that before the big day they would make sure to capture Jazzy’s pregnancy through a maternity photo shoot.

Jazzy’s makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and she had already picked out a beautiful pink dress for the special occasion. Their daughter Reign would wear a dress matching her mommy for the shoot.

It had been raining every day that week, but on the day of the shoot the sun was out. The family got into the car and headed to the location of the shoot.

On their way, they decided to make a quick stop. They got out of the car and walked into the forest until they came to a waterfall. It was a picture-perfect location. Jazzy looked gorgeous in her dress and was just beaming.

What Jazzy didn’t know, however, was that Rich had been planning something bigger than just a maternity photo shoot.

The photographer took a few shots and then asked Jazzy to turn around for the next picture.

Without her noticing, Rich walked behind her and got down on his knees and took a small jewellery box out of his pocket.

Watch the video below to see Jazzy’s reaction. Just a tip — you might want to grab some tissue first.

Talk about a a beautiful surprise!

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