Mom sits in tub and prepares to deliver baby- just 1 contraction later, a miracle happens

There’s perhaps nothing quite as moving, intense and simply miraculous as delivering a baby.

Movies typically depict the act as an extremely painful enterprise, with a woman’s wailing in pain while her partner sits nearby, wide-eyed and somewhat shocked. 

But the truth is the experience of delivering a baby is different for everyone. 

A video has recently circulated proving exactly that – and highlighting the absolute smoothest delivery I have ever seen. Even doctors were shocked by just how easy this delivery was.

The video (below) has had over 16 million views since it was originally posted on September 3.

Warning – video does depict a full-on baby delivery, so viewer discretion is advised.

The footage of the water birth of Audra Lynn from Orange County, California has stunned social media users worldwide.

The video features Audra and her partner sitting closely together in what appears to be an inflatable bathtub. 

Both sit calmly and rather silently – then, at Audra’s next contraction, she takes several breaths – and out comes her baby boy!

“My son, my baby son!” she says in awe, crying and holding him close.

Watch the incredible video below.

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