Mom, the only person in the world who will never leave you

Throughout our life we might move a lot. We may move house, or city, or even country, but the location of our “real home” never changes, because there is only one true home: our mother.

They say that a mother cannot be a friend. I don’t believe that; I think she is the best friend a person can have.

No matter how old you are, whether you visit her often or not, forget her birthday, or argue with her every day, she is always there for you. Is there any other friend in the world capable of dealing with all that and always showing you the same love?

Unconditional love

She may not always like the way you do things or the decisions you take, but in the end, your mom is the only person who will always be there, who will never leave you.

Your mom is the only person you can be yourself with, without fear that she will stop loving you. A mother’s love is unconditional, eternal … Can you ask for anything more than that?

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A recent study, published in the Neurolmage, says that when a mom is happy, the brainwaves of her and her baby are synchronized, which brings huge benefits for the baby. Clearly this is science confirming what every mom already knows!

Unique and eternal bond

A mom sees how her baby smiles when she smiles, or when she sings to her baby, when they play, and when she looks at her child full of love. The bond between mom and child may be invisible, but its strength is like no other.

With her unique love, a mom always leaves a mark on her child. Forever.

Today is as good a day as any to remind all mothers in the world how important they are and always will be in the lives of their children.

Let’s show all moms that they will always symbolize home. Forever. Even if they are not with us any more.

From Newsner to the great moms all over the world!