Morbidly obese couple changes 2 habits, loses a combined 392 lbs and undergoes a total transformation

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and you no one should care what the people around them think about your looks. But on the other hand, it’s obviously good to live a healthy life.

For this couple, it wasn’t bullying that made them decide to lose weight and undergo a transformation, it was an embarrassing incident at a hotel. But now, they’re grateful for it because they are much happier and happier than they were when they were morbidly obese.

Debora Kadar Mendaçolli
Facebook/Debora Kadar Mendaçolli

Fernando and Debora have been a couple for a long time, and although they’ve shared a lot of joy, they’ve also shared a lot of sadness. Especially around their weight.

Fernando had been obese since childhood and always wanted to lose weight but wasn’t able to. As for Debora, she never lost weight after giving birth and at her heaviest, she weighed 375 lbs (170 kg). Her weight sent her into a spiral of depression and she even had difficulty walking.

But it took an embarrassing event to provoke the couple into doing something drastic about their weight.

Facebook/Debora Kadar Mendaçolli

An embarrassing event

Debora and Fernando were asleep in a hotel bed one night when the bed collapsed under their weight. The were completely embarrassed and the hotel ended up shaming them into paying for a new bed.

That was when the couple decided to get gastric bypass surgery and lose weight. It has taken a lot of work, but with the surgery, exercise and controlling their diet, they’ve managed to lose a combined 392 lbs (127 kg)!

“A lot has changed since we did the surgery — our habits, our moods, and our attitude towards food. We’re not tempted to overeat anymore,” Debora said, according to Honey Nine.

Facebook/Debora Kadar Mendaçolli

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