Mother breastfeeds her child at a cafe – then a stranger leaves a note that brings her to tears

Many would wholeheartedly agree that a mother and her child form a very strong bond through breastfeeding.

For one mother who recently breastfed her child in a restaurant this is certainly true. 

But something rather unexpected happened to her that day. Shortly after arriving, her food was brought to her table – alongside a handwritten note.

When she read what it said, she couldn’t hold back her tears – and immediately called out to the waitress.

There continues to be debate around whether a mother should breastfeed in public or not, a debate I am personally tired of hearing about. I do think that a mother should be allowed to feed her child whenever and wherever it is required.

But no matter where one might stand, for Isabelle it was always clear. She wouldn’t let anyone stand in the way of her and her hungry baby – even when she was out and about, or sitting at a restaurant.

Source: YouTube/Sevennews

Together with her 10 month old daughter Charlotte, she went to a restaurant – and soon enough Charlotte was hungry.

As Isabelle breastfed her baby, she placed her order. The waitress reappeared after some time with her pancakes – but something else lay on the plate.

It was a small, folded note. Curious, Charlotte unfolded it. And when she read it, she couldn’t hold back the tears. 

Source: YouTube/Sevennews

Her waitress, Erica had seen Isabelle breastfeeding her daughter – and decided to act.

She decided that she wouldn’t charge Isabelle for her pancakes, something she was allowed to do three times a day to people she thought deserved it.

She included a note: “Thank you for breastfeeding here. Much love and respect!”

Source: YouTube/Sevennews

Isabelle was filled with gratitude and joy.

“I think it was so important to share, because I’ve been so worried throughout my breastfeeding experience that someone would have a negative reaction and come up to me,” she said. “So to have a positive reaction and have that face-to-face was really cool,” Isabelle told Fox.

Isabelle saved the special note she can now look at when things get tough. You never know what a stranger goes through, but sometimes a little gesture can give a mother like Isabelle tears of joy.

Learn more about this story in the video below.

What a great story! I think everyone should have the right to breastfeed their child wherever they want. Please share if you were inspired by this story, too.

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