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Mother Wrote About Sluttish Clothes on Facebook. But She Had No Idea That Her Son Would Discover That The Post Went Super Viral.

Georgina Riverós, 55, works at a bus station in Argentina. A while ago, she shared a reflection about the global problem with violence against women. She posted it on Facebook and thought that friends and family would read it.
But the post went super viral really fast and has so far been shared 30 000 times on Facebook.
She had no idea that the post was viral until her son told her, according to Buzzfeed.

Picture: Gina Riverós Facebook.


Here’s the original post in Spanish:


“Last night, when I arrived at the terminal 6 am in the morning, there was a thin guy who was pretty drunk. He fell asleep after 10 minutes.

He wore that kind of big pants who’s easy to drop, where you can see half of his underwear and where his ass is halfway down to the ground.

Conclusion: young, drunk, in the morning, on a terminal, a place who’s not that nice at that time of the day. And with half of his ass out open… despite this there was no woman who walked to him and raped or killed him. I didn’t do either.

So did you see that guys it’s not that hard, it doesn’t matter how drunk he was or what he was wearing, is it possible to respect each others life?”

I have to say that I completely agree with Gina. She really captures the essence of the problem with her post.

Go Gina!