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Mysterious Images From Hospital’s Security Camera Have Mother Believe In Guardian Angels.

When mother Colleen Banton took her beautiful girl , Chelsea, to the hospital, she feared that it could be the end. Across the 14-year-old daughter’s lifetime, she had already had a number of medical problems. So when she suddenly fell ill with severe pneumonia, doctors feared the worst. This time, she probably would not survive. When Chelsea was admitted into the medical department her older sister took a picture of her before the night that everyone thought would be Chelsea’s last on earth. When Chelsea went to sleep the whole family bid her a tearful farewell. But something inexplicable occurred. Her condition suddenly improved overnight. But this was not the only incredible event of the night at this hospital. Hospital staff later discovered something quite amazing through the hospital’s surveillance cameras. Something quite mysterious had appeared on screen.

14-year-old Chelsea struggled for her life in hospital and doctors had almost given up hope.

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But when a man at the hospital looked at the surveillance cameras he discovered something. When he showed Chelsea’s mom Colleen the video, she was sure of what she saw: an angel.

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Chelsea recovered incredibly quickly, and although she still suffers from medical problems, hospital staff were shocked at her sudden recovery. All known medical experience says she probably would have died, but there was obviously someone watching over her.

Some say for sure that this is just hocus pocus and that opinion must be respected. But I think it’s also fair to respect those who believe in this kind of phenomenon. Personally, I am one of those . would in any case believe that someone was watching over Chelsea. As long as it does not go out of scientific methods to treat the sick, I see no wrong to think of this.

Please like this incredible video if you believe in angels!


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