Navy veteran and wife die from coronavirus holding hands after 50 years of marriage

An elderly couple who spent 50 years of marriage together succumbed to coronavirus just minutes apart after contracting it on a cruise ship.

As per reports, a live-streamed funeral was held for Jerry Austin Williamson and his wife Frances Jewel Bond Williamson in Long Beach, Mississippi, after they both passed away last week.

The pastor leading the service told how the couple, both 72, died six minutes apart from one another after 50 years of matrimony.

Credit: Reimann Family Funeral Homes

The pastor also appeared to confirm that both Jerry and Frances had contracted COVID-19 from a cruise ship. As per reports in the Sun Herald, they hadn’t known how dangerous the virus was at the time they went on the cruise.

Their joint service saw a US flag draped over Jerry’s casket to honor his long service in the Navy before his retirement. Frances, meanwhile, worked as a phlebotomist, specializing in drawing blood from patients.

The couples’ deaths are another tragic case of coronavirus exacting a heavy toll on a community.

We can only hope people are past the point of underestimating COVID-19 now, and that they’re following the advice of experts in self-isolating and social distancing.

Rest in peace, Jerry and Frances. We hope their loved ones can take small consolation in knowing they passed away together.

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