New mom hangs sign above her hospital bed, tells nurses not to ask her to breastfeed

Becoming a mother is a transition that carries with it oh-so much expectation.

If you’ve ever had a baby before you’ll know that hardly a day goes by without someone suggesting you should do something this or that way, or, worse, telling you what’s best for your own child.

Of course, rarely do people know a mom’s situation intimately enough to be casting judgements, but people will naturally do so anyway.

Well, one mom, Meghan Koziel, devised the perfect solution to stop nurses asking her why she wasn’t breastfeeding her newborn baby … by hanging a sign above her hospital bed.

Meghan was diagnozed with breast cancer back in 2015, but managed to have a miracle baby after undergoing a double mastectomy.

The treatment left her unable to breastfeed, and so she wanted a way to instantly quell any questions over why she wasn’t feeding her baby as nature intended.

As she described on Instagram: “Three years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought my life would never ever be the same. I was forced to make so many HUGE life decisions including preserving my fertility through an egg retrieval was one of them. After two years on hormone blocking medications (because my cancer is so aggressive and highly affected my estrogen and progesterone), I made the decision to go off of my medications to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a mom!”

Instagram / Meghan Koziel

Meghan did have reconstructive surgery, but the cancer treatment had robbed her of her ability to produce milk. In an attempt to ward-off questions, she made the following sign:

“No Breastfeeding Zone
Though breastfeeding is a very special task,
Please be aware before you ask.
Our miracle baby will be formula fed,
And it will not affect her future ahead.
This Mommy is a Survivor”

Meghan’s little girl, named Kendra Jane, was born on September 15, 2018, and is perfectly healthy.

Furthermore, staff at the hospital actually turned out to be big fans of her sign. The words not only allowed them to avoid feeling like they’d ‘put their foot in it’, but also ensured Meghan wouldn’t have to repeat the same story over and over again.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing Koziel’s doctors have found another lump. They believe it at this stage to be a lipoma (a non-cancerous fatty tumor) but Koziel will continue to have tests until a definitive diagnosis can be procured.

Instagram / Meghan Koziel

We wish Meghan all the very best in the future, and pray for the continued health of her and little Kendra!

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