New touching detail emerges over bracelet Prince Harry has worn for decades

For nearly two decades, Prince Harry has been wearing a special symbol on his wrist, in plain sight for the world. From time to time, it’s raised questions from the British public. The gold bracelet seems to have a special story – it appears to be of great importance to the British prince, who married Meghan Markle earlier this summer.

On the day of the wedding, the accessory made another famous appearance, as we could see in both newspapers and from the TV broadcast.

It turns out the bracelet actually goes back to an emotional time in Prince Harry’s life. It’s related, in fact to the passing of the prince’s late mother, Princess Diana.

When Princess Diana died in the tragic car accident in Paris in 1997, she was adored by the whole world.

Many Brits ventured to Buckingham Palace to show their mourning by laying flowers outside of the walls. Diana’s boys, meanwhile, Prince William, then 15, and Prince Harry, 13, were obviously victims of the emotional chaos that losing a mother entails. Therefore, their father, Prince Charles, took his sons on an important journey.

The destination? Africa.

Harry spoke candidly in an interview with Town and Country earlier this year about his first memory from the continent. It was 1997, the same year Diana died.

“I first came [to Africa] in 1997, straight after my mum died,” Harry said. “My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags — we were going to Africa to get away from it all.”

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Now, several media sources are reporting that the bracelet is in fact connected to Africa.

Woman & Home writes that it was during his first trip that Harry was given the bracelet, and that he wears it as a tribute to his beloved mother.

“I want to do something really constructive with my life. I want to do something that makes my mom proud. My mom stood for something. There are many unfinished things and a lot of work that my mother never got to complete,” Harry said in a 2016 documentary entitled “Prince Harry in Africa”.

In the picture above, you can see Harry wearing the bracelet during his wedding ceremony with Meghan Markle. Markle herself, of course, paid a tribute to Diana by wearing one of the late Princess of Wales’ rings.

What fantastic sons Diana has, who forever aim to continue her legacy.

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