No one gives up their seat for a mom and her baby – so the driver gives her his

Sometimes it takes a hero to show others what’s right. And this story is about just such that.

In most countries, public transport has special seating for the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women. And you’d think that mothers holding their babies would qualify. But on one crowded bus in Chile, the passengers ignored a mother while she held her baby in one hand and tried to keep her balance with the other. One sudden stop would be fatal. But despite this, no one offered the mom and her baby their seat.

When the bus driver noticed this, he acted with lightning speed and did something admirable. He stopped the bus, stood up, and offered the woman his seat, sending a strong statement to the rest of the passengers.

And they got the message.

While the driver was trying to get the pregnant woman to take his seat, the other passengers realized that they couldn’t even move until he sat at the wheel again. So one woman stood up and offered the mom and her baby her seat.

Justice was restored thanks to a bus driver with a heart of gold.

Check out surveillance-camera footage of the incident below:

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