No one shows up to celebrate 61-year-old’s birthday – then he gets up and asks for attention

All one older man wanted was to celebrate his birthday with his family. He greatly wished to see all his children and grandchildren, eat some good food, and hang out until late in the evening.

In early December, he chose to host his birthday dinner at a restaurant in Veracruz, Mexico. He decorated the table with streamers, set down party hats, and began preparing for the big party.

Then he sat on a chair and waited. And waited. And waited.

Time passed. But the 61-year-old man, Eduviges Villatoro, continued to sit alone on his chair.

Not a single family member showed up to join him. Soon, other guests in the restaurant began to wonder what was going on.

Source: Patty Rodríguez (Facebook)

Eventually, Eduviges stood up. He cleared his throat, asked for the restaurant guests’ attention, and announced:

“It’s my birthday today, I’m 61-years-old and I prepared for a feast tonight. I bought a cake because I was supposed to meet my family here to celebrate my birthday. I hoped that my children, grandchildren and my wife would come. But as you can see, no one turned up,” the man said according to guest Patty Rodriguez who shared the incident on Facebook.

With tears in his voice, he then said:

“That is why I now ask if anyone wants to join me to celebrate my birthday and sing ‘Happy Birthday’. I would be eternally grateful.”

Source: Patty Rodríguez (Facebook)

The strangers in the restaurant didn’t hesitate for a second.

One by one they stood up and walked over to Eduviges, hugged him and moved several tables together to give the 61-year-old the party he deserved.

None of the guests had ever met Eduviges – yet they showed him deep warmth and humanity.

Source: Patty Rodríguez (Facebook)

The guests’ kind response quickly took off on the Internet. But in fact, Eduviges Villatoros’ birthday celebration was just a social experiment meant to study how people would react when faced with such a situation.

The experiment’s results yielded results no one quite could have expected – proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that humanity is still alive and well.

Source: Patty Rodríguez (Facebook)

While Eduviges’ story was just part of an experiment, the guests’ reactions are completely genuine. It warms my heart to see that the world can still be a warm place – and it gives me new hope for humanity.

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