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Oldest daughter kidnapped at hospital – 17 years later little sister comes home with the unthinkable truth

As any parent knows, bringing a child into this world is one of life’s greatest joys. And so it was for a South African woman named Celeste almost 20 years ago when she gave birth to a perfect little baby girl.

But Celeste’s happiness was short-lived, because only three days after she and her baby came home from the hospital, her baby was kidnapped.

Not knowing how your child is doing or even where she is has to be among the worst feelings a parent can experience.

Every year, Celeste’s family celebrated their daughter Zephany’s birthday, and not a day passed without them wondering what happened to her.

When Celeste’s other daughter, Cassidy, started a new class back in 2015, one of her classmates stuck out. Something was seemed familiar about her, and she and Cassidy were eerily similar.

When Cassidy came home from school, she told her mother about the strange meeting.

Celeste immediately had a strange feeling in her stomach and went to school to meet the girl. She had a nagging feeling that this was her long-lost daughter.

She took pictures of the girl to the police, who agreed to conduct a DNA test.

Celeste was thrilled when the test results came in. Her intuition was right. After 17 years, she found her daughter.

The woman who kidnapped Zephany was arrested, but amazingly, Celeste was very forgiving. The woman had raised Zephany as her own and had done a good job.

It’s incredible that Celeste was so forgiving of someone who turned her life into a nightmare. What an incredibly empathetic woman!

Zephany has been taken to a safe location while she awaits a decision as to her future. The woman who kidnapped her has been accused of kidnapping and awaits prosecution.

Watch a video of the story here:

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