Oliver reveals to his brother that he’s gay – the 5-yr-old’s reaction is amazing

Kids are wonderful. Their simple yet insightful view on the important things in life is something we adults should take after.

Five-year-old Alfie is yet another marvelous child who shows that there’s still hope for humanity. His reaction when his big brother Oliver reveals that he’s gay is just fantastic.


On July 25, Oliver Potter posted a heartwarming video with his five-year-old little brother Alfie on YouTube. In the clip, Oliver reveals that he’s gay. The five-year-old’s reaction is completely unexpected — and absolutely amazing.

“If you marry a man, it’s going to be so cool because I saw it in one movie… A man was in love with another man and then everyone was saying, ‘Cool!'” Alfie tells his brother. “Love is love.”


Alfie’s reaction has already melted the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in just a few days.

Oliver writes that “it’s when he talks about adoption that melts my heart the most.”

Check out Alfie’s heartmelting reaction for yourself here:

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