”Our hearts are beyond broken” – mom appeals for missing daughter, 14, to come home

Gina Sambrano faced every parents’ nightmare when she opened the door to her daughter’s bedroom one morning and found she was missing.

Aurora Rodriguez-Sambrano went to bed as normal on Monday night but is thought to have run away between 11 pm and 6.30 am and is without her phone.

The 14-year-old from California is 5’2″ tall, with greenish-brown eyes, and brown hair with blonde streaks. She is also believed to be carrying a mustard-colored backpack and a small gray duffel bag.

Hello everyone, my daughter is missing. She ran away anyrime between 11pm last night and 630am this morning. She is NOT…

Gepostet von Gina M Sambrano am Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2020

Gina, who reported Aurora’s disappearance to the police, said her daughter has behavioral and emotional issues but stressed in a Facebook post: “She is NOT into drugs or alcohol, she doesn’t have very many friends, so this is making it more difficult.

“She doesn’t have her phone with her. She has behavior issues, she’s defiant, and lies alot, so PLEASE keep an eye out for her!!”

Her mom has put up flyers up of her daughter who went missing from her home in La Habra, in northwest Orange County, with her photo on and an appeal for information and a command post has been set up in Buena Park.

Our hearts are beyond broken… not having our daughter home, not knowing where she is, not knowing if she's eating, if…

Gepostet von Gina M Sambrano am Freitag, 16. Oktober 2020

An appeal on Facebook on Wednesday asked for volunteers to help put flyers up in the Los Angeles area as well as Orange County.

“AURORA…We LOVE YOU, we need you home, we are NOT mad at you, we just NEED to know you are safe. WHEREVER you are, we will come to get you…PLEASE come home Aurora, we love you so much! @aurora_rodsam,” Gina wrote on a Facebook post.

The most recent post on October, 16, thanked everyone who had come forward to help them in their search adding: “Our hearts are beyond broken… not having our daughter home, not knowing where she is, not knowing if she’s eating, if she’s cold, if she’s thirsty, the millions of thoughts and scenarios going through our minds are so damn scary!”


My heart goes out to Aurora’s family, I cannot imagine the horror they are experiencing right now.

Please share this appeal to help find this young girl safe and sound and help bring her home.