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Overweight woman weighed 650 lb, but now look at her incredible transformation

Losing weight is not easy – I think many of us know this all too well. It is however possible and if we just keep our goals in sight we can accomplish what may appear to be impossible. Meanwhile, it’s always inspiring to hear stories from those who have succeeded in losing weight.

Nikki Webber is one such success story. The 34-year-old spent many years struggling terrible obesity. She hit an all-time low when her unhealthy eating habits started to hinder her from being able to do day-to-day activities such as standing up or showering alone.

She felt like her body was a prison she was forced to live in. At her worst, she weighed 660 pounds, and that’s when her doctor gave her two options: either change your way of living or face death.

Her transformation is now inspiring the whole world.

Nikkie Webber’s relationship with food was anything but healthy, both mentally and physically. She was clearly battling an eating disorder and her daily binge eating was taking a toll on her. She had lost the will to live, and felt like she was in a dark hole she could not escape.

She was told, time after time, by her doctors that where there’s a will, there’s a way. She knew very well that this was a struggle she had to take on on her own. If she really wanted to change, it had to start from within.

“I’ve done this to myself, food has always been an addiction for me and my addcition to it is killing me,” she told TLC.


Nikki made a firm decision at that point to turn her entire life around. She left her home town Little Rock to be able to get the help she needed from the right physicians. However, due to her obesity, she first had to go through a gastric bypass surgery to begin her transformation. The surgery was successful but it was only the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

After she recovered from the surgery, Nikki started to eat healthier and exercised regularly. The results were absolutely fantastic: in just one year, she managed to lose over 200 pounds. It seemed that dark hole she thought she would never get out of was now further away than she’d ever imagined it could be.


It’s now been two years since Nikki began her journey towards a healthier life. She has lost over 450 pounds in total and had 55 pounds of excess skin surgically removed. Her life has been completely transformed for the better. She recently bought her first pair of jeans, started riding a bicycle again after many years. She has also started dating, according to the Daily Mail.

She now weighs 195 lbs and enjoys life as a healthy and single woman. It’s all documented on her Facebook page, where she has thousands of followers who are inspired by her journey.

Nikki is living proof that anything is possible. Her impressive story serves as a beacon of hope for all of us who are struggling with weight loss. If she can do it, so can you! We should share her story to inspire others, who knows – it might change someone’s life forever.

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