Paralyzed bride ‘walks’ down aisle, leaving speechless guests to break down weeping

Idealistically, a person’s wedding should be one of the happiest days of their lives. It’s a day you don’t want to ever forget; a day full of blissful memories and love.

For one bride, however, the thought of walking down the aisle was too much to bear.

Jennifer Darmon had been involved in an accident that had left her pinned against a van, fighting for her life. It would later transpire that she’d suffered a spinal cord injury and therefore was paralyzed from the waist down …

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With her and her partner, Mike Belawetz, preparing to tie the knot, Jennifer was determined to beat the doctors’ diagnosis of not walking again.

She went through grueling physiotherapy sessions each week, remaining focused on the singular goal that meant so much to her.

At one point, she told Mike that he didn’t have to stay with her if he thought it was too much. But for Mike that was never even a consideration; he was behind Jennifer one hundred percent, and encouraged her day after day with his each session.

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When it came time for the big day, Mike waited anxiously at the altar. The gathered guests watched on as the doors opened … and Jennifer stunned everyone by walking proudly down the aisle, just as she’d wished.

With a little help from some leg braces, and support from her father and brother, Jennifer was able to do what no one thought possible.

At the end of the walk … well, watch the video and see for yourself:

It warms my heart to see such inspiringly powerful stories. Jennifer not only overcame the odds, but exemplified a fighting spirit to be envied.

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