Parents Absolutely Lose It When They Hear Their Daughter Is Having Twins.

When Jessica showed up to her parent’s house to celebrate her mother’s birthday, she arrived with not only a gift for her mom, but also one for her dad, as well. And this confused her dad a little. (I mean, it’s not like he was a toddler who needed a gift so he wouldn’t be jealous of the birthday girl.)

But when Jessica’s mom opened her gift bag and saw a onsie, she and her husband immediately realized what was happening. Their daughter was pregnant!


Jessica’s mom and dad were so ecstatic that they didn’t realize why Jessica had given them two bags. They were just so darn ecstatic that their daughter was pregnant.

But when the couple read the front of the onesies—”uno,” “dos”—they realized that Jessica was having twins, and that sent Jessica’s mom over the top. The grandmother-to-be just couldn’t control her joy and positively shouted out with glee.

My heart just melted seeing Jessica’s mom’s response. And I have to say, this is one of the most amazing reactions I’ve even seen to a baby announcement ever. It must have been a thrill for Jessica to give her mom and dad so much joy. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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