Parents’ Brilliant Response When Their Son Refuses To Have Dinner Is A Must-See.

Modern technology has brought us many wonderful things, but sometimes I get the feeling that many of the things that really matter to us are lost as we spend our time looking down at our smartphones. I don’t know what it’s like in your home but in my house the phones are never far away – not even during dinner. It’s not often that we sit through a whole meal without hearing the sound of someone receiving a text message or an update from any of the many applications or programs on our phones. So how to make sure that family gatherings and special occasions aren’t interrupted? The family in the video below found an ingenious solution that ensures that their family dinners are never disturbed by noise from a tablet or smartphone again! Newsner believes that no electronic device should ever come between us and the people we love – please share if you agree.

The children in this family don’t want to leave there electronic friends and sit down for dinner. Their parents’ reaction is just brilliant and really something that I would like to try.

The only question is: where can I get my hands on one of those?!

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