Pediatrician performs secret operation and is celebrated by parents

Pediatrician performs secret operation and is celebrated by parents

No one likes going to the hospital. It’s associated with pain and suffering, and the only time anyone goes there is when they or someone they love is sick.

For children, hospital visits are extra scary. So it’s important that children are comforted when things gets tough.

But trips to the hospital don’t always go as planned. Like when a little boy in Wisconsin had to undergo surgery, the surgeon secretly decided to perform another operation—without his parents’ knowledge.

Dr. Groth of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin performed the surgery on the little boy. And after he was done, the doctor decided to operate on the boy’s best friend, his stuffed animal.

“Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better,” the hospital wrote on its Facebook page.

The boy’s parents were surprised when they saw what the doctor did for their boy. Now, their son had someone to symphathize with, and he and his stuffed animal could recuperate in the hospital together.

This wasn’t the first time that a stuffed animal has been treated at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Groth has also put casts on broken stuffed animal legs and X-rayed broken stuffed animal tails.

“When my daughter was at children’s for getting her broken leg set. Her stuffed animal also came out with a cast on his leg,” a mother who had previously visited Dr. Groth said.

“Oh my goodness! It must have been him who stitched up my son’s pillow pet monkey while we were there to see Dr. Groth last month! He went in with duct tape on him (because stuffing was falling out and this mama doesn’t know how to sew). I noticed when we got home that the monkey was stitched up! Thank you so much, Dr. Groth! That really meant a lot that you took the time to go the extra mile,” wrote another mom.

It’s impossible not to smile when you see what Dr. Groth has done to his patients’ stuffed animals.

I was so moved by this! Dr. Groth went to medical school to learn how to fix human bodies, but somewhere along the way, he also learned how to cheer up children.

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