Photographer travels the globe – to capture the dazzling beauty of redheads

What would the world be if everyone looked the same, talked the same, had similar interests, and liked everything that everyone else liked. Not very interesting, right?

In fact, it’s our differences that make the world interesting, which is why I can never understand why some people tease and mock others just because they stand out from the crowd.

Globally, red hair is quite rare. Scientists estimate that a maximum of 2 percent of the world’s population has red hair, which is perhaps why so many myths have surrounded redheads over the years.

Throughout history, people have portrayed redheads as vampires, witches, demons, and devils. And unfortunately, it seems that some of these absurd characterizations still persist today.

One person who is tired of this narrow-minded attitude toward redheads is photographer Brian Dowling. He wanted to help break down the stereotypes that people often have about redheads — and set off on a round-the-world trip to create his Redhead Beauty project.

Brian, who was born in the United States but lives and works in Berlin, Germany, photographed 130 red-haired women from 20 different countries.

The result is just as amazing as you can imagine — and Brian’s Instagram page, which currently has more than 86,000 followers, is a thing of beauty. Here’s a bunch of Brian’s best photographs.

1) Bobbie from London, England


@bobbie_gg and her #peterpancollar at #kewgardens in sunny #London. #blueeyes #ginger #redhead #redhair #paleskin #mascara

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2) Giorgia from Bolzano, Italy

3) Madeline from Washington, USA

4) Willemijn from Breda, Netherlands

5) Betty from Belfast, Northern Ireland

6) Daria from St. Petersburg, Russia

7) Nabila from Damaskus, Syria

8) Sophie from Edinburgh, Scotland

9) Vanessa from Johannesburg, South Africa


With the #freckly @vanessajadesa from South Africa! #redhead #freckles #redhair

A post shared by Brian Dowling wroclaw (@redheads)

10) Bianca from Paraná, Brazil

11) Alyssa from Los Angeles, USA

12) Gracie from Howth, Ireland


With @graciemur on the #Irish coast. #howth #iphone #irishgirl #dublin #ireland #ginger

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13) Maria from Moskva, Russia


With @mfirebird from #Moscow. ☃️ #redhead #redhair #longhair

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14) Alina from Kiev, Ukraine

15) Carmen from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aren’t these amazing? Please share these photos with your family and friends if you think that red hair is beautiful!

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