Police find 17 bodies at nursing home hit by coronavirus after anonymous tip

We live in uncertain times. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world for the foreseeable future and the ramifications have been felt as far down as even the smallest communities.

As per reports, police in the small township of Andover, New Jersey received an anonymous tip about a body being stored in a shed on the grounds of one of the state’s largest nursing homes.

When they arrived, however, none of them could have anticipated just what they would find.

By the time police got to the scene the corpse had been removed from the shed, but there were a further 17 bodies piled inside the home. As per the NY Times, the home’s morgue was only build to hold four people.

“They were just overwhelmed by the amount of people who were expiring,” said police chief Eric C. Danielson.

The 17 bodies were among 68 recent deaths linked to the facility. Of those 68, 26 people had tested positive for coronavirus. The cause of death for the remaining 44 is unknown.

What’s more, 41 staff members, including an administrator, have fallen ill with COVID-19.

Representative Josh Gottheimer, who fielded the call on Saturday asking for body bags, said: “The challenge we’re having with all of these nursing homes, is once it spreads, it’s like a wildfire.”

Indeed, but even so the idea that 17 bodies should be stored in a morgue meant for four is beyond unsettling … it’s horrifying.

Families of the residents still in care at the Andover Subacute facility are rightly worried. Reports state the center had recently got a one-star grade of “much below average” from Medicare for staffing levels, inspections and patient care.

What truly terrifying times we’re living in. Keep your loved ones close and stay safe out there people – together we can get through this.

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