New video shows missing Faye Swetlik’s last moments before disappearance

Authorities are still searching for missing Faye Swetlik, the 6-year-old who vanished from her home in South Carolina earlier this week on Monday.

As per reports, officials have now released a surveillance video that captures the minutes prior to her disappearance. Swetlik was last seen by her family playing in the yard of their Churchill Heights home at 3:34 p.m. Monday. She was reported missing at approximately 5 p.m.

In the new clip, Faye can be seen exiting a school bus dressed in a dark colored T-shirt.

The search for the 6-year-old has thus far involved 250 officials combing the region, conducting interviews with neighbors and checking vehicles passing through.

As per WDBJ7, police want to urge the public not to believe rumours on social media about a body having been found. Rather, the search is still underway.

Sgt. Evan Antley, with the Cayce Department of Public Safety, said:

“We’ve noticed a lot of incorrect information on social media that’s being circulated around and being shared across different platforms.

“As law enforcement we are committed to keeping you our community informed with timely and accurate information. What does that mean? That means rumors that are false could potentially divert valuable resources from our mission of bringing Faye home.”

According to reports, investigators are not ruling out any possibilities having found no evidence that she was abducted.

Officials have asked anyone who sees Faye or has any information that could help find her to call 803-205-4444.

The search continues for this missing little girl. Please help us in assisting the effort to get her home.

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