Powerful Short Film Exposes The Cruel Way We Treat Some Special Members Of Our Family.

The message of this short film is something that everyone should hear.

At first, it might not seem like anything special is going to happen, but by the end, you’ll be in tears. It’s a powerful statement about something we all need to work together to end.

The film begins with a dad picking up his daughter from a previous relationship and bringing her home to his new family. But when things don’t work out, the dad makes the absurd decision to abandon his daughter on the side of a lonely road.

Of course, this isn’t real. But the film shows how some people treat their pets—and the film’s message is impossible to miss.

Our pets are also members of our family. So even if they might upset us at times—just like the humans in our lives—we should never abandon animals. And if we can no longer care for a pet, we need to be as responsible when finding it a new home as we would be in giving up a baby for adoption.

Help spread this important message so that more people think before abandoning the furry members of their family. We don’t need anymore homeless pets!

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