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Powerful video shows why we must never condone child marriages

Some say age is just a number, but when it comes to your children, how comfortable are you with that saying?

Alexander is a 30-year old man, and his current girlfriend is just 13 years old.

One day, Alexander decides to tell his girlfriend’s father that he wants to marry his 13-year-old daughter.

Thankfully, Alexander is just an actor, and in reality, he’s not in a relationship with the 13-year-old.

However, both Alexander and the girl worked with the Danish Children’s Fund to make this video and spread a very important message.

Every day, more than 47,000 young girls around the world are forced into early marriage. And if we don’t accept child marriage in our own country, how can we stand by and let it happen elsewhere in the world?

When Alexander knocks on the doors of several dads during the filming of this video, they have no idea they’re taking part in a social experiment.

Alexander tells the men that he and their daughter are in a relationship, that he wants their daughter to move in with him, and that they should get married.

At first, most of the dads are both confused and bewildered, but soon their surprise turns to anger and frustration.

Finally, Alexander reveals his true purpose—and all of the dads draw a collective sigh of relief.

Please scroll down to watch this powerful video…

Unfortunately, child marriage occurs in countries all all over the world. But together we can try to stop it.

The fact that nearly 50,000 girls are forced to get married every day is intolerable.

Please share this video if you’d like to help stop all forms of forced marriage, regardless of age, where consent is not available, and where the bride or groom’s opinions are not respected or are ignored.

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