Pregnant mom films her ultrasound – until her doctor urges her to turn off the camera

When Jessica Capitani went for her first ultrasound back in 2005, she was bubbling with enthusiasm.

Like many other parents, she was curious about the little one growing inside her stomach.

“I thought the ultrasound that day was just to find out the sex of my baby. I was so naive, and I didn’t think of all the other things that ultrasounds are done for,” Jessica said.

Jessica happily posed with ultrasound pictures for her husband, Frank. Everything was filmed on a VHS camera.

“When we saw the male anatomy up there on the ultrasound screen, we couldn’t wait to broadcast it to everyone in the family,” recalls Jessica.

But after only a few seconds, her joy was wiped away.

Because shortly after the child’s gender was revealed, Jessica’s doctor pointed to the screen and asked Jessica to turn off the camera.

“You probably don’t want to videotape this,” the doctor explained to Jessica.

The reason? It made her heart stop for a second…

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It turned out that Jessica’s son was wrestling with a number of complications.

Some things weren’t life threatening—but others were much more serious.

The doctor explained that among other things, Jessica’s son would be born with Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, and heart problems.

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It was also uncertain whether Jessica and Frank’s son would survive childbirth.

Yet, despite warnings from the medical team and worried friends, Jessica chose to have her baby.

The birth went well and the family never gave up hope on their miracle boy—not for a second.

Caden was born in 2005, and his name, which means “fighting spirit” in Gaelic, was a more than fitting.

Because this boy was unlike any other…

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Perhaps it was his unshakable hope that helped Caden develop into a strong, healthy boy—far from the doctors’ first projections.

No one believed that Caden would be able to live a relatively “normal” life, but he has repeatedly disproved his doubters.

Today, Caden is a ray of sunshine who always welcomes whatever comes his way and spreads joy wherever he goes.

Watch this video to follow Caden’s story and see his reunion with the doctor who helped bring him into this world:

I’m so glad this incredible story ended happily and that Caden and his family are doing great today.

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