Pregnant wife dumped and left with big debt – then she sees something in the oven and opens it

It was supposed to be a good year.

Amanda and her husband would finally become parents after trying for a child three long years – and it was finally time to move into that dream house that the couple had saved for and restored for the past two years.

But one day everything changed.

Amanda from Sydney, Australia, was pregnant for 36 weeks, and she and her husband had just moved into their dream house – when her husband suddenly, out of nowhere, announced that he was leaving her.

It hit like a bomb.

“The biggest thing was just the shock. Cuz it wasn’t really we’d planned or what I’d planned. It’s very difficult,” Amanda told KIIS 1065.

Source: YouTube

All the money they had invested into their home left a single and pregnant Amanda with a mountain of debt. 

The dream had been to live in their new home and raise the child together – but that all came crashing down.  

Source: YouTube

But just as everything seemed hopeless, a radio station in Sydney caught wind about Amanda’s heartbreaking situation.

The producers immediately decided they wanted to help – and invited Amanda to their studios.

“When we heard about Amanda’s story we had to give her a ‘Giveback’ she would never forget,” radio station KIIS 1065 wrote on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Amanda didn’t quite know what to expect.

They soon ask her to take a look at the TV screen. There she could see a familiar house – her own. Inside, the radio crew had stocked her up with loads of generous gifts to help her through these difficult times. The biggest gift of all? In the oven…

Watch the clip below to see what the radio station did for Amanda.

This really moved me – please share it along if you agree the radio station’s gesture was extremely kind and to wish Amanda good luck in the future!

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