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Pregnant Wife Takes Beautiful Photos In Honor Of Her Late Police Officer Husband.

In March 2016, police officer Allen Jacobs was shot to death by a 17-year-old in Greenville, South Carolina. Jacobs left behind his wife, Meghan, who was pregnant with the couple’s first child at the time of the devastating tragedy. The couple’s baby girl, who will be named Lennox, is due to enter this world in July. As a tribute to her husband, Meghan decided to share some heartbreaking pictures, taken on Father’s Day by her best friend, Jessie Ellex. But no one was prepared for the group of men in blue who also showed up for the photo shoot…

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In March 2016, police officer Allen Jacobs was shot and killed while on duty. It was a tragic event for the entire community, not least because Jacobs left behind a pregnant wife. Jacobs and a colleague were in a residential neighborhood talking with a 17-year-old gang member, when gunfire erupted. The 17-year-old fired several shots at Jacobs before he escaped and took his own life.

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On Father’s Day, Meghan decided to honor her husband by taking a series of pictures. Meghan’s childhood friend, Jessie Ellex, took the photos and the idea was to take some atmospheric shots of Meghan and her pregnant belly.

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Among other photos is one of Meghan holding her husband’s police badge in her hand on her belly. Meghan wears the badge on a necklace to carry the memory of her husband with her.

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Soon, some familiar faces showed up at the photo shoot. A group of blue-clad police officers from the local station came by and asked to be included in one of the images in honor of their friend and colleague.

“Meghan had the idea to include the policeman in her photos, since she had to do this without her beloved husband. They are now her protectors,” said photographer Jessie Ellex.

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The picture above shows Meghan holding her iPhone next to her stomach.

“I worked two days to edit that photo to include him in one of the pictures. And that one is one of my favorites,” Ellex said.

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Little Lennox is expected to be born in July, and Meghan wants her to be able to grow up with her father in her life, even if he’s not there physically.

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Although Lennox will never know her father, she should know that he’ll always be there for her in one way or another.

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Meghan even posed with two ultrasound images, along with a personal message.

“I miss you so much! Doc checked today. Our baby girl is great. I love you so much.”

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Photographer Ellex said, “The world lost a police officer, but we lost our dear friend, husband, father, son and brother. I hope that my photographs can help Meghan heal and others who may be going through the same situation.”

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What an incredible tribute to a husband and a police officer who was just doing his job so that others would feel safe! Please share Meghan’s pretty pictures on Facebook if you want to show your support.

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