Pregnant woman gets the surprise of her life during ultrasound – her sister’s reaction is unbeatable

Becoming a parent is certainly one of the greatest blessings in life – and if you’re expecting twins, that means double the joy.

So when teacher Jillian from Marlborough, USA, was recently informed that she was expecting twin boys, she was overjoyed.

Jillian knew that her sister Kelly Renee, who was waiting outside during her ultrasound, would also be ecstatic – but she never quite expected this reaction. 

A few minutes after she got her wonderful surprise, Jill asked that her sister be brought into the room.

When Kelly Renee realizes that the screen is showing not one, but two little babies, she explodes into the most priceless reaction, including a hilarious “Can I have one!?”

How fortunate that the whole scene was recorded – her genuine joy is just so wonderful to see, and definitely too wonderful not to share further!

Jillian is still digesting the surprise of having twins – and I suspect that her sister is doing the same. Share to bring a smile to your friends’ faces too!  

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