Pregnant Woman Is Too Scared To Look At The Ultrasound. But When The Doctor Reveals THIS, Her Heart Explodes.

After several miscarriages, surgery, medication and treatments, couple Niki and Lance deeply hoped that the latest news would be good – and stay good. Niki was pregnant. But as they were on their way to the hospital for a routine ultrasound, Nikki couldn’t help but begin to worry. Past experience had relatively traumatized her. What would the doctor see? What would they be told, this time. But as Lance sat and filmed their special visit, he captures an entirely different kind of news. Nikki is certainly pregnant – very pregnant indeed. The couple is expecting twins! Nikki went on through a successful pregnancy and eventually she and Lance were the proud parents of twin boys Landon and Zachary – born as strong and healthy as could be. I can’t imagine the number of times the young couple has watched this tearjerking video. Calling it wonderful is an understatement – see for yourself below.

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